Coote, Hiley Jemmett Limited
Ontario Land Surveyors

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited has been in existence in Bracebridge since 1885 when it was established by William Galbraith, O.L.S.

The firm provides professional surveying services to both permanent and seasonal residents as well as area municipalities, developers, contractors, utility companies, and the legal community.

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited purchased the records of M.W. Fitzmaurice Ltd. in 1982 and in 1987 purchased the records of N.P. Lyndon, O.L.S..  Since 1982 the company has been known as Coote and Jackson Limited, Coote, Jackson & Hiley Limited, and Coote, Jackson, Hiley & Jemmett Limited.

Collectively, John Hiley and Doug Jemmett have 70 years experience as Professional Land Surveyors and have completed projects for the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, the Ministry of Government Services, Public Works Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Union Gas, Trans-Canada Pipelines, Bell Canada, Ontario Hydro, as well as most local area Municipalities and the District Municipality of Muskoka.

Doug Jemmett was employed by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors as manager of the Survey Review Department prior to joining Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited in 1990. He is also past chairperson of the North Eastern Regional Group of Ontario Land Surveyors.

John Hiley is a past chairperson of the AOLS Academic & Experience Requirements Committee and is past member of the Discipline Committee.

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited have been involved in a wide variety of projects including topographic surveys, legal surveys, mapping projects, large resort condominiums, township boundary retracements, design and layout of subdivisions, and surveys for major highways and gas pipelines.

Computations and drafting are completed with the aid of MicroSurvey software and final plans are drawn on one of the firm's automated plotters. AutoCAD drawing files or PDF files can also be provided via email or on CD.

The firm presently four total stations and a GPS station with Trimble NETR5 Receiver and is part of the Can-Net VRS Correction Service located at BCBG/457 Latitude: 45°00'58.467''N, Longitude: 79°18'33.152''W with access to 16 Satellites.

With the acquisition of a large format scanner we are currently scanning our extensive archive of survey plans which are being filed with Land Survey Records, a large number of which will be available for purchase. Please visit Land Survey Records.

Coote, Hiley, Jemmett Limited is highly respected in the survey community for its leadership in providing high quality surveys, first rate service, and a commitment to client satisfaction.